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rkhunter … doesn’t support redhat ES 4 (nahant update 3)?

actually, it does. but version 1.28 (the latest version as of this writing) doesn’t recognize it.
if you’re running rkhunter and get the following message:
Determining OS… Unknown
Warning: This operating system is not fully supported!
Warning: Cannot find md5_not_known
All MD5 checks will be skipped!

you can get rkhunter to acknowledge your OS by doing the following:
# cd usr/local/rkhunter/lib/rkhunter/db
# pico os.dat

(i’m still a fan of vi, but i’m trying to be tolerant) 🙂
in this file, look for like 189. add this line immediately below as such:
190:Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 3):/usr/bin/md5sum:/bin
save the file and then run rkhunter -c once again.
no errors!

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